Make data safe for GenAI — at the root

A radically simple new way to ensure access control permissions are enforced in any data store or client application

One universal hub for data control

Enforce data permissions in GenAI & data science tools

Import and enforce existing permissions in new apps. Redact, tokenize, or transform data by use case, so that each user sees only the data they’re allowed to see.

Automatically anonymize unstructured datasets

Detect and anonymize PII and other sensitive content in documents, data frames, JSON blobs, and other objects using Antimatter’s LLM-powered classifier. Define different redaction policies for different users.

Security leaders love Antimatter

“Antimatter was a crucial part of making Ironclad the most secure contract solution in the market. We’ve had Fortune 50 customers who said they’ve never had a vendor that met their requirements so completely right out of the gate.”
John Fiedler,
Ironclad CISO &
Head of Platform Engineering
“Antimatter makes it easy to implement BYOK and data governance requirements in your application for enterprise customers.”
Camille Gaspard,
Splunk Data Security
Distinguished Engineer

Guarantee your sensitive data is safe in any use case

Antimatter solves data control at the root, offering full-spectrum functionality

Access Control

Control access to data regardless of where data is stored or how it's accessed.

Data Classification

Easily capture any existing metadata (tags) and use Antimatter's sophisticated AI classifiers to detect and tag additional sensitive information (PII) embedded in the data.


View provable data plane audit logs (who has accessed what data) and control plane audit logs (who has changed settings or policy).

Data Inventory

Access a manifest of all of your protected data, along with the tags that describe what that data is.

Data Anonymization / Transformation

Transform data for any scenario (e.g. restrict customer data used for model training to just data from customers who have opted in) and redact fields or phrases within larger pieces of otherwise-permitted data.


Place your data in encrypted capsules that ensure direct access to data is impossible. Choose between Antimatter’s native key management, bringing your own key (BYOK), or holding your own key (HYOK) in an external KMS.