Antimatter is an infrastructure service for B2B SaaS that fundamentally solves data security & privacy requirements

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Let’s face it, security demands on B2B SaaS are growing more complex_

Customers insist on control over where their data resides, and who has access to it, every step of the way.

Duplicating infrastructure and rewriting applications to address these requirements is costly and a huge burden on your developer & DevOps teams.

We need a fundamentally different approach_

Introducing Antimatter.

Cryptographically meet customer requirements without changing your infrastructure or code. Provide your customers with provable guarantees of where their data can be accessed and by whom.

A drop-in Infrastructure service

Antimatter slides under your unmodified containers and works in all major clouds – so no engineering lift. It uses secure enclaves, available on all major clouds, to transparently encrypt all customer data – in transit, at rest, and even during execution.

Meet customers residency, governance, & tenancy requirements easily. Accelerate sales, enter new markets, and close deals that were not possible before.

Join us in a world-changing pursuit.

We believe in a future where companies and people retain control over their own data no matter where it is, in any application.

We’re revolutionizing data security and privacy with a comprehensive solution that was impossible until now, as we build the next primitives of identity, trust, and privacy on the internet.